We are a different alternative manager

We are Meander Capital

About us

Meander Capital seeks to be the lead shareholder of innovative and transformational businesses that have not realized their potential yet.
We are long term active owner enhancing companies sustainably and financially with a horizon of at least 5-8 years.

As a significant owner we can shape out companies strategically to meet opportunities in the future.

Meander Capital

Meanders are bends in a river’s course.
They are created when a river twist and turn.
The reason for the formation is still debated.
The result is long term constant changes.
Life is not a straight line hence we allow our companies to “Meander”.

Mission Statement

Invest in good companies that has the ability to thrive with us and our partners.

Make a positive impact for clients, colleagues, communities and companies.

Challenge the conventional thinking and seek innovation.


Influence the asset management industry to become longtermactive and sustainable.
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Contact us

If you are interested to learn more about Meander Capital, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Managing Partner, Henrik af Donner: